I run my hand through my hair, feeling the texture, my forehead, my cheek, my jawline.  It remains.  This skin around my skull and texture and lines upon my fingertips, the looser skin around my knuckles grows with more wrinkles, but it remains.  Then it remains some more.

What must the condition of our minds be when sad, does it become more tired and dried, wrinkled and sour?  Feelings of rotting cavities and darkening corners plague.

Some things cannot be helped, some believe nothing can be helped and that it’s written in the stars.


It’s weird when someone just has ‘it’

Have you ever come across someone who just has ‘it’?  There’s no real description or specification for ‘it’ – but it’s just ‘it’ itself.  It’s hard to pinpoint but a more direct description would be someone who captures you and mesmerises you in such a way that takes you aback and pushes you to see from a completely different angle.

Someone so unique in their own little way, so different from everyone else in the world, but has their own route to the curiosity part of your brain and engages you haven’t previously, or at least in conscious memory.

These people are worth hanging onto.  They’re mood changers and confidence boosters, problem solvers – intentionally or not, consciously or not.

They’re a Tom Petty song, or a Smashing Pumpkins lyric.

They’re the hand that grabs you by the collar and drags you from where you shouldn’t be into a place where you feel privileged and too lucky to be in.

Perhaps someone you’d never interact with otherwise, someone you don’t feel on par with or deserving of.  If you’re worthy of their time, surely you’re deserving of it, right?

We all go through shit and we can’t always control it.

But we all deserve good things to happen from time to time.  We make our own luck, but sometimes a splattering of luck from the gods helps a great deal.

Sometimes it’s what you need.

Sometimes they’re what you need.

And just maybe, you’re what they need.